Watch the video below to learn more about Women Sanctuary:

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page to see if you can find answers there. If that doesn’t help, you can always contact us for more information.

Our Mission:

Women Sanctuary is a women-centered safe space created to form an empowered community by providing opportunities for women to actively engage with each other, participate in activities, and receive support.

Our Vision:

Women Sanctuary will grow its space to include a residential house where women can live full time in our open, engaging, supportive community. We will build a community of thousands of women, all uniting to empower each other and grow together.

Our Values:

Women-centered – We recognize women’s unique strengths and needs and commit to focusing exclusively on women.
Community-based – We aim to build an enriching, uplifting community where women are comfortable being themselves and supported by others.
Empowered – Empowered women take charge, engage in their communities, lift up other women, and find strength in their existence. We aim to empower women by uncovering individual’s passions, increase everyone’s self esteem, and model how to interact productively and appropriately with others.
Supportive – Everyone needs others to help them, comfort them, reassure them, and empathize with them. We aim to provide an environment where women feel supported whenever they are in our space.
Engaging – We want women to be involved in their community, not just physically, but emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Meet the Board Members of Women Sanctuary