Founder and Executive Director

Jennie Sutliff is the President and Founder of Women Sanctuary.  With a Master’s Degree in Education, Jennie’s background is in teaching and educating children and adults of all ages.  Through her various jobs in education she has developed unique curriculum, modified instruction for different ability levels, tutored ages 5-65, and successfully built and run a bridge program for students needing help completing high school before going to college.  She is looking forward to expanding the Women Sanctuary community and helping educate everyone that comes through the doors.  In addition, Jennie lives with her husband and two children, and also has a surrogate son who lives in NYC with his dads.  LGBTQ equality and family rights are issues close to Jennie’s heart.


Lindsey Graser is the President of the Board at Women Sanctuary. Lindsey was one of the first women to attend classes when Women Sanctuary first started. She was immediately drawn to the mission of Women Sanctuary to empower women and support one another. Now an active volunteer, Lindsey teaches Creative Wellness classes and workshops, as well as Guided Meditation classes. Lindsey has a Master’s Degree in Art Education and a Bachelor’s degree in English and Art. She brings with her an enthusiasm for the arts in creative expression, as well as a whole-hearted desire to connect and uplift women.

Vice President

Sue Thayer is Vice President of Women Sanctuary. She is very passionate about building community. Her experience in social services, addiction counseling, and her expressive arts practice has given her the life skills and passion to be of service to Women Sanctuary. Sue is an expressive arts practitioner at Artscavation and is a Certified Soul Collage facilitator.  She teaches the Women’s writing circle, various art classes and does free tarot card readings.

“Open up to the idea that you are a creative Being. You have the energy and imagination to create.  You have the power to prove to yourself the beauty and originality of your personal creation of life.  Through a variety of art mediums, you can express, play, and work with all that you are.”


Jody Brown is the Secretary of Women Sanctuary. She is Jennie Sutliff’s mother, and she has been involved with Women Sanctuary from the very beginning. She has volunteered in many capacities, leading Guided Meditation and spirituality classes and leading trivia nights. She is also active in fundraising efforts as Chair of Development Committee. 
Jody is also a Suzuki piano instructor, Discovery Toys educational consultant, Natural Childbirth educator, Reiki practitioner, Meditation Instructor, Simple Abundance Close to Home Certified Workshop Leader, and Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Additionally, she offer In Light Wellness services.  She has been working on her journey to wholeness for the last fifteen years.  Jody offers guided meditation classes at Women Sanctuary as well as serving on the board.


Terry Watson is Treasurer of Women Sanctuary. She has a BS degree in Business Management, and is currently retired after working many years in the financial world and owning a bookkeeping business. She previously served on the board at Patrick’s Place as Treasurer. She has done volunteer work at Life Span helping seniors with their finances and also volunteered at the American Red Cross. Currently does volunteer work at the Alzheimer’s Association, American Cancer Society and the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester. Terry likes helping women have equal opportunities for wages, jobs and education.


My name is Stephanie Burke. I have been a social worker in the mental health field for over 25 years. I am a mother of two and have been married to a lovely man for 20 years. I am very passionate about assisting people in becoming independent and self- sufficient. I believe that there are ways to provide support in a respectful, compassionate way without enabling.
I was interested in volunteering this year as a way to infuse more hope and optimism in my life so I started exploring various volunteer programs and a friend of mine suggested Women Sanctuary. Since I work in the mental health field, I wanted to join an organization that had a different focus. I connected immediately with the Women Sanctuary’s mission: women-centered, empowerment and community building. And once I met Jennie and some of the other volunteers, I felt right at home.
I have been volunteering at the Women Sanctuary since April 2017 doing the Drop In hours on Saturday mornings, 1-2 times a month. I am very excited to be a part of a new organization that is striving to connect with the community and provide excellent opportunities to women to learn new skills, increase their confidence, explore new connections and have a good time!