We have a lot to offer here at Women Sanctuary!  Below are descriptions of classes and activities that are open to anyone and free to attend. These events can all be seen on our Schedule page in calendar format, if that’s easier.


Body/Mind Wellness Classes

Guided Meditation
Offered Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:45-6:15pm

Join us for a relaxing meditation.  We will introduce meditation and its benefits, then do a 10 minute guided meditation and a 10 minute silent meditation, followed by a short “cool down” to bring us back into reality.  We will have plenty of Zafus (floor pillows) for you to sit on and get comfy while you meditate in our peaceful sanctuary.  This is a quiet time that is generally kid-free, but older children interested in meditation are welcome to participate.

Creative Wellness
Offered Mondays from 6:30-8pm

Creative Wellness classes at Women Sanctuary are designed for all skill levels, in the spirit of creative expression, collaboration and community. Guided meditation is offered before each class to allow for the body and mind to relax, so that you can be fully present and open to engage in the expressive, non-judgmental creative process.

Women Sanctuary is a child-friendly space, and kids are welcome to participate, with the supervision of the care taker.

Goal Oriented Life Skills
Tuesdays and Thursdays (except May 25) from 1-2:30pm

Goal orientated life skills focuses on a long term goal and writes a path to success through a series of short term goals. This is a group-led class, where attendees can brainstorm and create short-term goals and timelines to obtaining these goals. Learning to problem solve life’s obstacles is truly a universal human experience. By attending a life skills group regularly, we can help hold each other accountable to reach our goals and also combine resources to better help each other in the community. This class can be held in both English and ASL as instructor is fluent in both languages.

Writer’s Circle
Wednesdays from 1-2:30
We will use a variety of writing exercises and prompts to bring our material to the surface and have a couple of timed free writes in each session with the ending 15-30 minutes being time to share.

Vision Book Group
Wednesdays from 2:45-4:15
We use “magnetic” photo album pages and collage inside the images that represent what we want our lives to be like – not just the things, but how we want to feel with them too. We will use each page for a separate part of life and add affirmations to the pages.

Each individual will use the book by looking through each page and stating the affirmations each morning and each page and stating the affirmations each morning and each evening.

This can be an ongoing group weekly where group members can gather to add images and affirmations and discuss what blocks have come up and what break throughs were made.

Jewelry Making
Fridays from 5pm-7pm (except the last Friday of each month it ends at 6pm)

Lynne Riley offers these classes in copper jewelry making. All materials will be provided to make a different piece of jewelry each week.

Lynne shares: I have many years of experience making jewelry. What started off as a hobby in 1993, quickly became a passion and one I enjoy sharing with others. I primarily work with copper and steel wire, which are both very economical. I’ve taught jewelry classes in a variety of forums and they have all been very positive experiences. Through these classes, I hope to inspire others by helping them make their own jewerly. It’s a wonderful thing to watch the expressions of my students once they finish their pieces. I have yet to see any of them be disappointed with the results.

Support Groups

Women’s Support Group
Every Wednesday from 6:30-7:30pm

These women-only safe spaces are a place we can share and listen to each other, vent, cry, and be held up by the women around us.  Topics range from relationship issues and mental health disorders, to day to day stresses like work and family.

Headache Sufferers Support Group
Every other Sunday from 12-1pm

Carrie LaDue will lead each session, which will include roughly thirty minutes of information and discussion about a specific, common headache trigger and strategies for overcoming or avoiding the trigger. Another thirty minutes will be spent engaged in biofeedback or guided meditation practices that are known to reduce or even stop the pain before it starts. Participants can expect an empathetic and supportive environment that promotes wellness through the mind body connection. Relevant for all headache types: migraine, tension, stress, etc…

Family Groups

Movie Night!
Offered the last Friday of each month from 6-8pm

Come to Women Sanctuary for a family movie night!  We will feature a “G” or “PG” Rated movie (appropriate for all ages) projected for the kids to watch while parents chat in the next room over.  Kids can dress in PJs (so can adults!) and enjoy popcorn and hot chocolate while the adults can have tea and snacks and socialize. See here for a listing of movie offerings.

Mom’s Meeting
Offered Mondays from 11:15-12:15pm

Come and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while your little one can draw or play and explore our space.

Story Time
Offered Fridays from 11:15-12:15pm

Bring your little ones for a read aloud!  Snacks provided.

Other Activities

Coffee Hour
Every Monday and Friday from 10-11am

Join us in the morning to have coffee or tea, chat, and relax with each other.  We may go for a walk if the weather is nice.  Children are welcome and can color and play in our space while we talk about our goals for the day and set our day up to be fantastic.  Kids are welcome and we have snacks and space for them to play.

Drop in Help
Every other Saturday from 10am-1pm

A licensed social worker will be available to help with applications, forms, and resumes during this drop in time.  Bring in job applications, DSS forms, resumes, college applications, or other paperwork you need help filling out.  Children are welcome and can play while parents receive assistance.

Building English Vocabulary
Mondays starting June 5 from 12:30-2pm

Improve your English vocabulary!  We will work to master 500 common English words throughout this 6 week course so you can communicate more effectively.

This course series is open to any woman, but best suited for those who have a very basic grasp on English and need help expanding vocabulary.  It does not matter what language a woman is fluent in; they will benefit from improving their vocabulary with flashcards through this course.

There is a limit of FIVE seats for this course.  You must register by calling 585-576-8527 or emailing jennie@womensanctuary.org.  It is important to attend all 6 classes to get the most benefit from the series.

Children are welcome and we will have an extra person to keep an eye on little ones while we study.