Meet the volunteers that make Women Sanctuary possible!
All of these volunteers their time so that classes, groups, and activities are FREE of charge for women in the community!

Click below to see biographies of our devoted staff:

Jody Brown
Guided Meditation & Vision Books

Stephanie Burke
Social work support help, by appointment

Kimberly Burns
Vinyasa Yoga

Dawn Chomyn
Leave your SADness Behind

Tuhana Eshelman
Essential Oils

Lindsey Graser
Creative Art Explorations & Guided Meditation

Rae Hittinger
Talking About Race & Racism with Children

Chris Lacey
Individual and Family Counseling

Irene McKenna
Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching

Carrie LaDue
Headache Sufferers Group

Lynne Riley
Jewelry Making

Marianne Schreyer
“A Spark in Her Voice”

Jennie Sutliff
Coffee Hour & Story Time

Sue Thayer
Creative Art Explorations and Soul Collage® Introduction

Jenna Weintraub
Sexuality Educator

Are you interested in volunteering at Women Sanctuary? Please contact us!